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Faculty Guide - A Guide to Teaching and Expectations in the KVCC Department of Social Sciences

Semesters Page - This page provides PDF copies of each semester's courses for Part Time Faculty to select courses

Associates in Science in Psychology

Research Information and Concepts

Associates in Applied Science in Mental Health

TAACCCT IV Grant Documentation

Mental Health Program

Mental Health Advising

Building Technology Skills for the Labor Market
iPad 1:1 Program

Instructional Technology Committee

LMS Review Information

Early Childhood Education

Cohen Grant Documentation

Music at Moody Project

Strategic Planning

Teaching and Learning Center

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Service-Learning / Center for Civic Engagement

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Mark H. Kavanaugh, Ph.D.

Rebecca Martin

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Online Teaching Certification Course

Faculty Materials for FYE 125

Faculty Orientation Materials Website (OLD)
This resource is now available in its own Blackboard Course

Old Center for Civic Engagement Website

"Teaching Online: An Introduction to the ALOTA Method" website