This is a secret site that I will use to provide feedback on the paperwork that has been received by the CCE for a given semester. As paperwork and the online survey are completed, this site will be updated so you can update those requirements in your own courses.

Fall 2015
Updated December 18, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Last, First Initial
SL Timelog
SL Supervisor Eval
SL Survey
Acedo, C. Goodstadt     x
Albert, E. Goodstadt x x  
Ames, B. Mangin   x  
Armstrong, K. Brown     x
Ashby, S. Bragdon x x  
Bailey, A. Goodstadt x x  
Barden, A. Mangin x x  
Beaulieu, B. Brown     x
Berryman, C. Mangin x x  
Bickford, N. Mangin     x
Bouchard, M. Giroux-Pare     x
Brann, J Bragdon x x  
Burns, M. Brown     x
Chacon, P. Giroux-Pare     x
Champagne, B. Brown     x
Couture, V. Giroux-Pare     x
Currie, E. Mangin x x x
Derosier, S. Bragdon x x  
Dillon, V. Goodstadt x x x
Drew, J. Goodstadt x x  
Dow, M. St. Pierre     x
Dow, M. Martin     x
Falconer, E. St. Pierre x x x
Flood, A. Goodstadt x x x
Flood, A. Mangin x x x
Forbus, B. Shaw     x
Goodwin, Z. Mangin x x x
Gray, M. St. Pierre     x
Guimond, J. Martin     x
Helsel, L. Brown     x
Henry, M. Mangin x x x
Holbrook, K. Goodstadt x x x
Holbrook, K. Martin     x
Hyde, N. Mangin x x  
Ingals-Rasar, S. Brown, S.     x
Ingraham, J. Brown     x
Johnson, J. Giroux-Pare     x
Kennedy, D. Brown     x
Kerstetter, K. St. Pierre     x
King, C. Brown     x
Klug, A. Goodstadt     x
Knight, L. Mangin     x
Knight, M. St. Pierre     x
Lane, P. Goodstadt x x  
Lane, R. Martin     x
Libby, M. Brown     x
Lindsey, K. Brown     x
Manson, N. Mangin x x x
McCutcheon, T. Martin     x
McGlashing, D. Brown     x
McKenzie, K. St. Pierre x x  
Micue, H. Shaw     x
Mills, W. Shaw     x
Mitchell, M. Brown     x
Moulton, S. Mangin x x x
Mudie, L. Mangin x x  
Murray, L. Martin     x
Norton, T. Shaw     x
O'Connell, S. Mangin x x x
Paquet, J. Goodstadt x x x
Parlin, S. Martin     x
Perry, S. Mangin     x
Redimaker, B. Brown     x
Risinger, R. Brown     x
Rogers, M. Goodstadt x x x
Rogers, M. Martin     x
Saulmer, J. Cheek     x
Shenett, J. McCafferty     x
Shibles, C. Mangin     x
Shrader, E. Brown     x
Silvia, G. Brown     x
Sinclair, D. St. Pierre     x
Skidgel, R. Goodstadt x x x
Smith, B. McCafferty     x
Stetson, E. Brown     x
Stubbs, R. McCafferty     x
Switzer, D. Mangin x x x
Sudborough, C. Goodstadt     x
Switzer, D. McCafferty     x
Switzer, D. McCafferty x x  
Trembley, C. Goodstadt     x
Toles, L. Martin     x
Wacome, A. Mangin x x  
Wharton, A. Brown     x
Wood, A. Mangin x x  
Wood, K. Shaw     x
Yankowsky, P. Brown     x