Lesson 12: Advising and Career Planning
Career Planning Assignment


"Community colleges play an important role in helping people transition between careers by providing the retooling
they need to take on a new career."
-President Barack Obama

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this lesson's material, students will be able to:

  • Identify personal preferences and skills utilizing the Holland tool
  • Apply the Holland types to career selection
  • Utilize career related web sources to research information related to career choice
  • Explore the choices for accomplishing your academic goals at KVCC


One of the most popular career decision making tests available is the Holland test. This test asks you to select different things that you like to do and computes a "code" that correlates with specific career areas. You can then look up these career areas and explore various online resources about what skills, preparation (education) you need. You can also look up information related to the environments that these professons work in.

In this assignment you are going to get your Holland Code and look up related careers. You are also going to analyze your current education/career plan.

Click HERE to take a test that indicates your Holland Code

Click HERE to visit the United States Department of Labor site for job categorization


Lesson 12 Assignment

Follow the instructions below in order to complete this written assignment.

Title Page
Complete the Holland Code test indicated above and write down your code
Using the resources associated with the Holland Code test, write out the different careers associated with your code
Write a statement indicating your current career goals here at KVCC
Look up your current career goal and at least one other career indicated by your code using the Department of Labor website. Write a brief summary of all the information associated with each of those careers
Based on the information gathered from these resources (and KVCC resources as well) write out a timeline as to how and when you will accomplish steps toward you getting into the career you have chosen. Your steps should include when you are going to take courses, transfer to other colleges, look for jobs, etc. Anything and everything you can think of...as if you were going to set a plan for a trip.

Submit this as a single written document to the Lesson 12 Assignment drop box.