Seminar Plan

To meet the requirements of this class you need to attend 4 separate seminars. You also need to submit a written plan as to which seminars you are going to participate in.

Use the following rubric to guide your preparation for the seminar plan and submit your plan to the "Seminar Plan Drop Box" in MS Word format. (Do not cut and paste your document into the text box, send a FILE from your computer to Bb)

Points Seminar Plan Elements

Title Page

This includes your name, the name of the course, your instructors name, and the date.


Your Plan

In an outline format (using bullets) address the following for each of the 4 seminars you plan to attend:

  • Title of the Seminar
  • Presenter's Name (if available)
  • What do you think you will learn from this seminar?
  • In what ways do you think that this seminar will enhance your role as a student at KVCC?


Writing quality is always important. Make sure you have checked spelling, grammar, sentence structure and clarity, and overall quality of writing.

100 Total Points