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June 25, 2015 Minutes

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June 25, 2015 - ITC Meeting Agenda

Present: Mark Kavanaugh (Chair), Michael Campbell, Kevin Casey, Marie Bolduc, Don Trask, Barbara Bartley, Stephen LaRochelle

Agenda Item
Update on status of Bb Standardization Project.

Mark K. presented on work being done in Early Childhood Education, Culinary Arts, and Nursing.

Template courses, similar to the method used in the Department of Social Sciences is being used by each of these programs.

ECE is looking at acquiring assistance with this through the use of hired Instructional Designers being paid for though he Cohen Grant.

Mark K. is looking into contacting Boise State University for referrals from their program.

No specific action.
Grants and Technology

Mark K. opened the discussion with a review of the different grants that are purchasing technology and the challenges this faces when it is not coordinated.

This includes audio/visual equipment.

Don T. proposed that we standardize a process and that the ITC be the board that reviews technology purchases.

Jon C. emphasized that this should not be an "approval" process as much as a "sharing, supporting, and informing" process.

Discussion on the dispersement of minutes to these meetings was also discussed.

The ITC will position itself as part of the process of technology purchases.

Group will consult only...provide opportunity for sharing of information, supporting initiatives, and informing the campus community.

A write up of this function needs to be drafted and presented to the Faculty Senate in the Fall.

The ITC will construct an email/invitation for staff/Faculty to participate in meetings. All staff/Faculty will receive the invitation, but Staff/Faculty will need to opt in to receive notifications of minutes.

TAACCCT IV iPad Initiative

Mark K. and Stephen L. presented on the results of the meeting with the Executive Management Team in regard to the iPad 1:1 initiative being proposed in the Mental Health program.

There is mixed opinion as to how "supportive" the administration is of the initiative. However, it is clear that should the initiative gain funding for the pilot semester, the college will likely support the initiative.

Discussions regarding the pilot nature of the program was had. The pilot seeks to measure impact of the iPad 1:1 program on all aspects of the college. Learning outcomes, program completion, graduation, employment, enrollment, retention, business office, IT support, Library support, etc.

Click HERE to review the PDF of the presentation that was made to the Executive Management Team.

All parties involved will need to be a part of the development of measures of impact on the different departments in the college.

The "experimental" nature of the program will be explored with the on boarding 3rd Party Evaluator for the TAACCCT IV grant and measuring tools for all the various outcomes and procedures will be developed by the end of the summer.

Mark K. is working with Michelle Webb to identify grant sources to pay for the first semester of iPads (either pay outright or enter into a lease agreement with Apple.)

Upgrading iMac and iPads

Stephen L. presented on the need for policies and procedures regarding the handling of aging equipment.

Stephen L. expressed that Kevin C. (who had to leave early) was in need of this procedure and that it needed to be coordinated with the policies related to the grants that purchased many of the items.

Don T. presented that we have not "sold" old equipment since 2004.

Stephen L. is hoping that the sale of used iPads will offset the cost of upgrading to the new iPads.

The ITC needs to invite policy holders and others for the various grants and explore how older equipment is handled and documented.

Likely a policy in this regard will need to be generated by the IT department.

Function vs. Security

Stephen L. and Mark K. expressed some frustration with the current status of the "Mac Lab" located in Lunder. Apparently since IT installed log in protocols, the Macs have had "issues"

Representatives from Apple who were on-site during the installation offered advice but they were not heeded and the technicians followed regular KVCC protocols.

This may have created a situation in which the Apple representatives feel that the advice they have given forward was not compatible with our internal policies so the work-arounds would be more challenging and would have to be researched. Apparently Lars (the Apple rep) provided IT with lengthy documentation.

Stephen L., Mark K., and Jon C. questioned the need to have specific log ins for students to use the computers.

Kevin C. cited security reasons related to malicious activity that may originate in the lab which could be investigated by outside parties.

Mark K. countered with the fact that many public access computers do not require log ins and they expose themselves to equal risk.

This is an open debate.

Kevin assured the committee that the priority is functionality and that given no immediate solution for the issues that the Mac Lab is experiencing would institute a guest access log in process to ensure that the Lab is at least functional.

Jeremy (IT Technician) is apparently working on a solution.

The ITC recommends that Jeremy work with Michael Campbell who will be teaching a MacOS course in the lab in the Fall and is reportedly expert on some of these issues.

Kevin C. will communicate to Jeremy the need to work closely with Michael Campbell.

Quick Items and Unfinished Business

The following agenda items were either too briefly discussed or were not addressed at the meeting:

IT support associated with the Learning Commons.

Ongoing training for staff, faculty, and students on the Portal, Blackboard, and any other new technologies.

(Don T. identified that the Portal may be more "powerful" than we are currently using.)

Do we need to explore a new Learning Management System to replace Blackboard.

(Mark K. identified that the iPads do not "play well" with Blackboard. Alternatives include Schoology, Canvas, and possibly the LMS that is included in Jenzabar.)

We need to explore data collection systems for Institutional Assessment.

(Mark K. is working on a contact with the folks from LiveText to set up a demo. Some LMS options come with analytics. We still need some sort of e-Portfolio system.)

These items require further discussion and may form the basis of the next ITC meeting.
Next Meeting

The next ITC meeting was set for July 23 at 10 am.

The meeting will take place in Rm 222 Averill at the Alfond Campus