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June 25, 2015 Minutes

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July 28, 2015 - ITC Meeting Agenda

Present: Mark Kavanaugh (Chair), Michael Campbell, Kevin Casey, Marie Bolduc, Don Trask, Barbara Bartley, Stephen LaRochelle, Lisa York-Lemelin

Agenda Item
Update on status of Bb Standardization Project.

Mark K presented on the progress on standardization of Bb.

Discussion on how to approach review of the original proposal that was almost put forth to the Faculty Senate.

Lots of discussion regarding the "method" employed by Mark K and the development of TEMPLATE classes which represent the standardized components of the course.

The system for copying classes from semester to semester is simplified and reduces file buildup.

This is the process that seems to be being adopted across the campus so far.

We will revisit this issue in the September meeting.
Upgrades to iPad and iMac Systems

Discussion related to the "cycle" of upgrades and how this relates to "proposed" budgets and "actual" budget allocations.

IT is putting a technology plan together that will include these. This is no guarantee that they will be updated.

Questions on what to do with outdated equipment.

Kevin C. will explore system policy regarding how to deal with equipment that we want to "get rid of"

Kevin C. will report out on technology plan for technology refresh when it is available.

Mac-based Computing Center

Discussion was had as to the management of the iMacs in Lunder library.

This will fall under the supervision of Michael Campbell and Bill Dolan. IT will provide support beyond that infrastructure.

Classes are to be taught in that class this coming Fall.

No specific action was identified.
Role of the ITC

Mark K. presented on the role of the ITC as a consultant for "sharing, supporting, and informing" members of the campus community regarding technology.

Lisa YL reviewed the current policy description of the Instructional Technology Committee.

Discussion was had about rewording some of the membership requirements and the mission. Including the mission to review and support purchases of Instructional Technology.

Mark K. will revise the document and have it ready for review at the next ITC meeting.

Training and Orientation

Discussion centered on the fact that many initiatives and resources are out there to train and orient new faculty and students but they are not organized into a cohesive delivery.

IT is planning on holding a meeting next week regarding training and support for Blackboard.

Mark K. reviewed the resources currently available in the "Faculty Orientation" course in Bb.

Team felt that for Faculty the "Faculty Orientation" course in Bb should be the main focal point.

Mark K. will canvas ITC members to send in or inform him about resources available on the campus that can be included in the course.

Systems for student orientation to technology are even less complete and will be reviewed following the upcoming meeting for Bb.

LMS Review

Kevin C. reported that KVCC has signed for one more year with Bb and so the time has come for a thorough review of the available systems. We should begin this process very soon.

Discussion was had that the ITC should first establish a start on the expectations that we have for the LMS. Second in this process, the ITC will conduct a survey as to what we would like our LMS to do. This should be specific to many stakeholders (staff, faculty, students, admin.)

Mark K identified the need to ensure that he system is ADA compliant and robust. We use our LMS in ways that very few of our sister colleges do.

This will become a focus of the ITC and it will express leadership in the process of determining our next LMS.

The ITC will focus time on developing some of the criteria and process for gathering additional information.

Next Meeting

The next ITC meeting was set for August 20 at 10 am in Room 222 Averill


Specific Agenda items will be as follows:

  • Follow up on policy regarding the process to deal with outdated technology.
  • Update on technology plan from IT
  • Review revised description, mission, and polices related to the ITC
  • Most of the meeting will then be dedicated to beginning the process of identifying what we want our LMS to be able to do. Invitations to members of the ITC will encourage a vigorous participation in this process.