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May 4, 2016 - ITC Meeting Agenda

Present: Steve Duren, Kathy Englehart, Nick Runco, Stephen Larochelle, Toni Fredette (Chair), Marcia Parker, Jim Guillmette, Lisa York-Lemelin, Barbara Larsson, Don Trask, Marge York, Barbara Bartley, Kevin Casey, Mark Kavanaugh,

Agenda Item
Approval of Minutes


All is well

Learning Management System

Results from the survey on Bb use were handed out and reviewed.

Lots of respondents. Good survey.

Toni reports that the articles distributed in the last meeting are very helpful in focusing the group's task to review the LMS.

Marge - feels a decision about our mission is a step backwards. Communication is what is important.

Kevin and Kathy - we need to establish a calendar. Concern about both the decision for an LMS and implemention.

Cost is a factor if we are going experiment with experimeinting with different LMSs.

Steve - proposed that we would develop dates on which we would make decisions for the LMS and implementation timelines.

Toni - milestones need to be more detailed for specific applications.

Marcia - new LMSs will have a learning curve.

Kevin - Implementation issues such as standardization need to a part of every phase of the process.

Toni - there are features that we would like to have. We should separate the textbook based (tied in materials) from this decision process.

Calendar is critical to have in place before the summer.

IT has the knowledge on system integration. Larger issues related to the LMS role in the system.

Kevin could possibly develop a calendar to explore, select, and implementation of new LMS.

Delivered to the Faculty on May 13.

We should also survey Faculty who may have expereince with other LMS.

Mission and Purpose

Toni does not want to be part of a committee that micromanages department decisions on technology.

Kevin - suggests that we draft policies and send them to the Leadership Team.

What role does this committee make in decision making

Mark - suggests that the committee be used to simply discuss proposals.

Steve - issues of compatibility between technologies. There lots of individuality in technology. Must be connected to core values and learning outcomes at the college level.

Kevin - suggests a calendar for decision making regarding technology.

Marcia - Perkins purchases are confusing and this committee should have more knowledge about how these decisions are made.

Steve/Marg - coming to committee meetings in the summer is not reasonable so decision making should be delayed until after the summer.

Toni - we need someone to put together a mission or procedure to define who we are. What is our LMS plan.

New lanaguge about how we work, procedures, communicaiton, how we send information to leadership.

Mark will put together some language related to procedure and process for the committee.

Delivered to the Faculty on May 13


Summer/Fall Expectations  

Email communication over the summer on any updates.

We are going to shoot for the 2nd Wednesday of every month in the Fall for meetings. (the scheduled open time)