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October 19, 2016 - ITC Meeting Agenda

Present: Kathy Englehart, Nick Runco, Toni Fredette (Chair), Marcia Parker, Jim Guillmette, Barbara Bartley, Kevin Casey, Mark Kavanaugh, Heide Wheeler, Christy Johnson, Erica Mazzeo, Mike Campbell, Marge York

Agenda Item
Call to Order, Roll Call, Approval of Minutes



Review of Mission for the ITC

Kathy E. presented document put together by Mark K. regarding process and procedures in the ITC.

Question of this committee's role in the governance structure.

Mark K. promoted the notion of the committee primarily providing guidance and support for innovation in instructional technology.

Question by Toni F. regarding do we accept the written "purpose" presented by Kathy and Nick.

Vote to accept the following as the purpose of the ITC.

"The ITC promotes and evaluates the use of technology related to teaching and learning at KVCC."

LMS Selection

Toni F. presented results of survey of Faculty use of LMS.

Questions from Toni F. regarding how do we progress outside of this meeting to decide on an LMS.

Mark K. asked about questions related to distinguishing between LMS choices.

Kevin C. suggests we might need more qualitative data.

Toni F. we need to know what we need to know to decide on our LMS.

Kevin C. let's identify the key functions that are needed in our LMS.

Mark K. we may want to know what is unique about different LMSs, Marcia P. spoke to the need to test drive one.

Erica M. speaks to the fact that many people have not used any other LMSs. Possibly look at different institutions and ask about their experiences with an LMS. Maybe there are functionalities in Bb that we have not touched on.

What about connecting with other colleges who are using different LMSs. How do we go about identifying individual colleges who are using LMSs that we are considering.

Kevin C. presented document on essential elements of an LMS.

How do we test pilot the different LMS. Mark K presented on having single people run a standard course in each one. Kevin C. suggests broader pilots with many instructors.

We need to evaluate functions of the LMS.

Erica M. spoke about connection between LMS and a "Curriculum Management System". These systems need to have some connection to the Curriculum Management System.

CMS system implemented by November.

Discussion about how a CMS will export data into LMS. How this will be accomplished may be demonstrated in a future item in this committee.

Erica M. suggests that survey data for technology be incorporated into a larger self-study survey that is under development.

Kathy E. and Jim G. will work on a qualitative survey

Presentation by Nick Runco on TRiO Technology Assessment process

Nick R. emphasized the applied evaluation of specific student skills. Students have to demonstrate the specific skills in the actual classroom.

Effort was to create a "see them do it" experience.

Christy sees a lot of students who struggle with Online classes.

How do we capture data related to students' struggle with Online classes. Different functions with the LMS way preserve data on students who have dropped class.

Is there a trail to track individuals who change from Online to face to face.

Erica M. suggests a pre and post assessment.

Mark K. asked about a boot camp possibility for both students and Faculty.

Nick R. and Christy J. will report back on data they collect related to these initiatives.
Videoconferencing Practice   Tabled until next meting
NEASC Requirements for Informing Students about School Policies

Students need to have an opportunity to complain or express concerns and complaints.

Student policies about complaints and such should be clear in the Online classes.

Kathy E. will clarify needs with Kevin C. and a separate page on the KVCC website.

Different solutions can e discussed.