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April 19, 2017 - ITC Meeting Agenda

Present: Mark Kavanaugh, Kevin Casey, Barbar Bartley, Nick Runco, Toni Fredette, Steve Duren, Cristy Johnson

Agenda Item
Call to Order, Roll Call, Approval of Minutes


Minutes from last meeting were approved

Discussion of Role of Committee

Discussion of collecting what we have accomplished.

Possibly create a summary of all issues and considerations that we have done so far to pass on to the next people who may take on these issues.

  1. Strategic plan for Online presence.
  2. LMS discussion.
  3. Digital porfolio options.
  4. Emerging issues.
  5. Implementation for LMS selection.

Barbara asked about where this function can live.

Kevin - Multiple places where it can live including Institutional Resources, Academics, Etc.

Discussion from Kevin with Bb

  • Went through challenges we are having.
  • Rep is going around fixing relationships with users.
  • We need help with upgrade.
  • Lack of general support.
  • Revolving sales people.
  • Possible system license for Bb.

Procedural timeline for decision making.

Characterize comprehensive procedure for addressing instructional echnology consideration across committee structures.

Incorporate what we have done, suggestions for goals, procedures, scope of interest, list of issues currently.

Procedure to vett "crisis" to explore if the issue is global or not.

Issues to consider:

  • Wireless printing
  • Difference between an IT question and instructor/committee.
  • Better sound in classroom
  • Consistent technology in classroom (layout, more neat)
  • Easy ability to attach your own device.
  • Communicate clearly what is "supported" and what is not supported.
  • Clear communication as to what is standard in classroom.
  • Catalog of what technology is in what room.
  • Lights that dim
  • Microphones on PCs to craete presentations.
  • Subtitling
  • Training for specific technology (part of onboarding)
  • Grant funds available for experimental instructional technology
  • Piloting cutting-edge technology.


Mark will create "Super Minutes"