Lesson 6: Memory and Study Strategies


Here is a video where a gentleman explains how the brain works to help us study better.


After watching the video, I was intrigued by this fellow. His advice was sound and I wanted to know more about him. I found that he has developed nearly 100 videos on a variety of study strategy topics.

Click HERE to enjoy exploring some of his tips and techniques

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this lesson's material, students will be able to:

  • Identify techniques to improve memory / recall of course content.
  • Identify techniques to improve content application.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your techniques


Use the arrows at the bottom of the embedded screen to cycle through the presentation. You can also select to make the presentation full screen, if you desire.



Lesson 6 Quiz

You have worked to memorize the material, but is that enough? For this lesson quiz, document and assess your approach in one of your current courses. Use a specific topic or lesson for this quiz.

  1. List the class and topic
  2. How did you Engage the material?
  3. How did you prepare to Recall and Apply the material?
  4. How did you Apply the material in the course?
  5. Were you successful? Why or why not?

Lesson 6 Discussion

We look at a variety of tools and techniques that you can use to help commit information to memory this week. For our discussion thread, choose one of the study tip videos presented by "MrStudyTV" http://www.youtube.com/user/MrStudyTV?feature=watch

In your Main post share the tip with your classmates. Describe how to implement the tip, whether you think it would be effective, and whether you would recommend this video.