Lesson 11: Personal Wellness


In this video an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) gives several sound tips for managing college stress:

His last strategy calls for you to ensure that you have a life outside of your studies. This requires balance to avoid leaving too little time for studying, but it is a crucial component to handling stress. We all need that activity that brings us inner peace and harmony.

For me, it is my garden. When I am stressed, I go out to my beds and tend my plants. I may weed, prune, work the ground or harvest, but whatever the activity I can feel the stress leave my body. I can feel that inner equilibrium return. In a short period of time, I can come back to the computer refreshed and invigorated. What is your activity?

What if you do not feel well? When should you be concerned? What should you do? This video and the website in general is a wonderful resource to help you explore some of these concerns.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this lesson's material, students will be able to:

  • Identify key factors to maintaining personal well being.
  • Identify resources to help you handle the stress.
  • Prepare a support network now.


Use the arrows at the bottom of the embedded screen to cycle through the presentation. You can also select to make the presentation full screen, if you desire.



Lesson 11 Discussion

For this lesson's discussion thread, discuss your personal plan for maintaining your well being throughout this journey. Be sure to include your preventative plan, especially your support network. Also include any potential areas of concern that you have. Are you worried about getting enough sleep? managing your time? getting bogged down in stress? Identify resources today that you can call on, if needed.

Post one in depth follow up post to a peer. Encourage your peer by identifying strengths in their plan. If you have any suggestions for resources, please feel free to share them.