Lesson 12: Advising and Career Planning


Starting college can sometimes lead us to recognize that there may be MANY paths we can follow.

Sometimes we change our course when we learn about new opportunities!

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this lesson's material, students will be able to:

  • Identify the three steps associated with "Planful Career Decision Making"
  • Identify personal preferences and skills utilizing the Holland tool
  • Apply the Holland types to career selection
  • Utilize career related web sources to research information related to career choice
  • Explore the choices for accomplishing your academic goals at KVCC


Click HERE to review the Lecture Notes

Read the following editorial entitled “Liberal Arts Education: A foundation for success

The teaching of this lesson is an adaptation of a presentation made by Jim Peacock, Director of the Advising and Career Center at KVCC. Click the link below and make your way through this ENTIRE document.

Click here to view the presentation on "Planful Career Decision Making"

Click here to download the PowerPoint file

Click HERE to take a test that indicates your Holland Code


Lesson 12 Discussion

We are going to use this discussion as a free-form conversation on advising. Explore your career plans, scholastic plans, ask me questions, whatever. You are only rquired to post ONCE in this discussion.

Lesson 12 Assignment

See the separate instructions for this assignment located in the Lesson 12 folder.