Mental Health / Social Work Courses and Program Documents

Tutorials - Blackboard and iPads

Below you will find a set of links to tutorials on how to access Blackboard features using your iPad.

Using Messages

Messages is an email system for just the individual class in Blackboard.

Posting Discussions

Discussions are open forums for posting information, and in the case of online classes, to participate in graded discussions.

Completing Quizzes and Tests

"Tests” is the generic term for the activities where you submit your answers by typing directly into the Blackboard interface. You would do this by typing a response to a quiz question or by selecting an answer in a multiple choice test.

Submitting Assignments

"Assignments” are “drop boxes” that enable you to upload a file to Blackboard. That file could be a paper, images, a presentation...or, as in the case in this program, the link to a video (although you will be simply writing out the link to a video in the assignment drop box text field.)

Reviewing Grades and Instructor Feedback

There is a Grade Book in Blackboard that allows you to see your grades and view any feedback that your instructor has left for you.