About the MHT Program

The Associate in Applied Science degree in Mental Health will prepare students for entry-level and above positions in areas of substance abuse, mental health rehabilitation, developmental disability services, and gerontology. Concentrations in geriatrics and child services in the future are under consideration.

Graduates of this program will be able to apply to the Muskie School Center for Learning for the MHRT-Community certification. This certification allows workers to apply for Case Management positions within specific social services agencies. In addition work could be found in the following capacities: activity therapist associate, addictions counselor, crisis counselor, human development associate, rehabilitation worker, family worker, senior site manager, activity director, volunteer coordinator, and daily living support specialist. Facilities that employ these positions include nursing homes, boarding homes, hospitals, and social and mental health service agencies.

Below is an outline of the required courses for the degree of Associates in Applied Science in Mental Health (AAS Mental Health)

First Semester
COM 104: Introduction to Communication  
ENG 101: College Composition Placement test and keyboarding skills
SOC 103: Introduction to Social Services Systems  
MHT 104: Community Mental Health  
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology  
Second Semester
PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology  
MHT 110: Interviewing and Counseling  
MHT 112: Crisis Identificatioin and Intervention  
MHT 124: Psychosocial Rehabilitation  
MHT 125: The Changing Workplace  
After you have compelted the 100-level MHT courses you can apply for the Provisional MHRT/C Certificate
Third Semester
MAT 117: College Algebra Placement test
MHT 216: Mental Health and Aging  
MHT 218: Substance Abuse Counseling for Special Populations  
SOC 104: Social Problems -or- PSY 208: Abnormal Psychology SOC 101 or PSY 101 pre-requisite
General Elective  
Fourth Semester
ENG 121: Introduction to Literature  
MHT 214: Incest, Sexual Abuse, and Trauma  
MHT 220: Case Management  
MHT 226: Vocational Aspects of Disability  
Science Course w/ Lab  
After you have completed both the 100- and 200-level MHT courses you can apply for the full MHRT/C Certificate