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Academics from the Dean: Add/Drop

The Academic Calendar provides for a period of time at the beginning of the semester when students may add and/or drop classes.

Students Adding Classes

It is advisable that Faculty design their course in such a way that it can accommodate adding a new student to the class during the first week or so of class (the actual time frame changes from year to year so consult the current Academic Calendar for details as to when the add/drop period is set).

No Faculty should feel compelled to add additional students to their class after this period of time. It is not fair to the Faculty nor to the other students who may be impacted by the addition of a student who has to start from scratch.

Any Faculty member who has concerns about adding a student to their class should contact their Department Chair

Student Dropping Classes

Students may drop classes at any time but there may be financial and academic consequences.

If a student goes through the formality of officially dropping a class the Faculty will receive an email from the Registrar's office.

Often times students simply "drop" a class and stop attending or participating (online). Even though the student has not officially dropped the class there may still be financial and academic consequences.

If you note that a student has "disappeared" you may consult the Class List in the Faculty Access System and contact the student or report that they have been absent to the registrar at which point Student Services will try to contact the student and the student's Academic Advisor will be contacted.

It is important to keep very accurate attendance records, even in an online class, so that you can report to the Administration of the college when the student was last in attendance. Some students have been known to sign up for a class, get financial aid, and then take off with the money. If we are not able to show that the student stopped attending the college has to pay the money back to the Federal Government. We want to avoid that!