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Academics from the Dean: Institutional Assessment

Institutional Assessment occurs on a number of different levels across the campus...Faculty are often asked to participate in formal and informal assessment processes.

Some of the regularly seen assessments processes are as follows:

  • Course Evaluations (students have to complete a course evaluation for each class that they take in order to review their final grades online)
  • Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • Program Assessment (different programs will conduct evaluations of how well the program is doing in meeting it's objectives)
  • Department Assessment (similar to Program Assessment, Departments may engage in surveys and other activities to determine how well they are meeting student and program needs)
  • Accreditation (KVCC is Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and various programs at KVCC have their own individual Accreditation boards)
  • General Institutional Assessment (KVCC has embarked on a process of developing procedures to assess how well we do at what we say we are doing...while you are working here you may be asked to participate in various survays and activities designed to gather this data)