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Academics from the Dean: Attendance

Even though many Faculty feel that the students they are teaching are adults and that attendance should not be a concern, let along graded, it is none-the-less important to have accurate attendance records.

Take attendance at each and every class. Keep this as a record either for grading purposes, to investigate complaints, or to report absenses to the Registrar.

Keep in mind that some students can be "invisible" in the classroom...their presence and absence may go un-noticed and we may lose an opportunity to intervene and assist the student should they be having some difficulty that keeps them from coming the class.

For some, this process of class attendance can be a lengthy, time-consuming task. Some Faculty create sign in sheets and some are even exploring the use of electronic response devices that they require all their students to have. At a given point in the class the Faculty can ask all the students to "check in" with the device and attendance is recorded.