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Academics from the Dean: Ordering Books/Texts

Textbook ordering will vary from Department to Department so it is best to check first with your Department Chair.

That said, there is a link in the Faculty Access System (see the Technology Handbook for more information) where you can submit an order for your course textbook.

Often multiple sections of the same course taught by different instructors utilize the same textbook.

Our Bookstore should be the primary referral point for all your students...their prices are competative and they offer an very good buy-back program.

In addition to textbooks, the Bookstore is equipt to help you develop printed course packs of handouts and other material that you may want to have all your students have. These can be packaged and sold in the Bookstore. Contact the Bookstore Manager well in advance of starting your class if you are interested in developing a course pack.

Be mindful of copyright laws regarding the duplication of articles and other materials. The general policy on this is that Faculty are responsible for assuring that they are in compliance.