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Academics from the Dean: Canceling Class

Circumstances arise where Faculty must cancel a class. Keep in mind the following when you are going to cancel a class:

  • It is the resposibility of the Faculty to submit a class cancelation announcement through the Faculty Access System (see the Technology Handbook for more details)
  • It is the responsibility of the Faculty to contact the Department Chair and report the cancelation as soon as possible
  • Some Faculty have the Faculty Secretary post an announcement in the classroom...some even ask students to engage in specific independent work so that the course does not fall too far behind in covering content
  • Some students travel far to attend class so it is important that cancelations be posted early and that you develop a culture within your class where you advise students to check the KVCC website Class Cancelation section prior to leaving for class
  • Communication is the key...the more avenues you use to communicate with your students the better...many faculty will post cancelations in their Blackboard Announcements section in addition to submitting it to the Faculty Access System
  • College-wide Cancelations will be posted to the KVCC website
  • In inclement weather Faculty judgement is supported. If YOU can't make it to class don't risk your life to get there...cancel the class
  • In the event that class is canceled it is the Faculty responsibility to communicate how the work is to be made up and to modify the course schedule