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Academics from the Dean: Grades

Grades and Submitting Grades

Our students are very concerned about the feedback that they get from their teachers so it is important that the process of grades and grading be consistent and fair.


  • All syllabi must include a clear description of how you will calculate final grades for the course
  • KVCC utilizes a system of Letter Grade equivalents to numerical grades. Below you will see the standard grade rubric but you are free to create one of your own. Either way the rubric must be in your syllabus
  • Grades are submitted to the Registrar's office by a specific date designated on the Academic Calendar. Grades may be submitted electronically (see the section on using the Online Portal) or using a paper form that the Registrar will privide for you
  • Timely submission of grades is important and represents a factor in consideration for further employment as an adjunct instructor
  • It is advisable to create clear grading rubrics for your assignments (when applilcable) so that students can be forwarned as to how you will be grading their work. Please contact your Department Chair for more information on the standard rubrics available on campus or how to construct your own.

Here is the standard course grading rubric