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Academics (Teaching Excellence): Students with Disabilities

Below you will find a link to a very important document put together to assist faculty in making decisions about accommodations for students with disabilities. Our students are diverse in many ways and it is vital that we work with our students with disabilities in a fair and constructive manner. The manual covers the following topics:

The Americans with Disabilities Act
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
Policy and Procedures
Responsibilities of Faculty
Responsibilities of Student
Disability Etiquette
Test Taking Policy
Test Modification in Blackboard
Comparison of Disability in High Schools and College
Suggestions for the Academic Environment
Students with ADD/ADHD
Students who have Chronic Health Disabilities
Students who are Dear or have Hearing Impairments
Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries
Students with Psychological or Psychiatric Disabilities
Students with Mobility Disabilities
Students with Speech Disabilities
Students with Visual Disabilities

As you can, see this is a very comprehensive guide to working with students with diverse needs. Click the link below to download the document.

KVCC Faculty Handbook and Resource Guide for College Students with Disabilities

Click HERE to visit the College website Disabilities Policies page

Click HERE to view the Disability Services Advisory Document