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Academics (Teaching Excellence): Designing a Lesson Plan

Below are links to some documents regarding the development of Teaching Units or Lessons. The basic theory behind this approach is the Objectivist Theory of Instructional Design. In this theory we align the Learning Outcomes (objectives) with the Assessments and Class Activities. In essense we teach by first outlining what we want students to learn, desinging assessments that measure that learning, and then designing teaching activities that "teach to the test"! Although the concept of "teaching to the test" has got some bad press, consider the different ways in which we "test" people...papers, discussions, class participation, quizzes, exams, presentations, etc. etc. Through these processes we ask our students to DEMONSTRATE their skills and knowledge.

Review these documents below and use them in the development of your own teaching lesson plans!

Lesson Planning
This document contains information pertaining to academic and technical training...it also outlines Gagne's Nine Events

Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction
Click HERE to download an MS Word version of Gagne's Nine Events that you can edit

Bloom's Taxonomy
Use this document to define your Learning Outcomes. This particular document outlines ALL of Bloom's domains of learning: Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor.