KVCC Faculty Orientation Manual Online
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Academics (Teaching Excellence): Teaching Online

Teaching a course online is worthy of an entire course in itself and is quite beyond the scope of a simple Faculty Orientation Manual. It is best that you work with your Department Chair to develop practices and procedures to ensure that your online class runs smoothly and retains academic rigor and integrity.

KVCC has a number of senior instructors who have extensive experience in the development and delivery of online instruction. Contact your Department Chair to look into being mentored by one of these expert faculty.

Below you will find links to specific documents and resources as you develop your online class...keep in mind that all aspects of teaching; the syllabus, assessment, best practice, classroom management, etc., are all applicable in the online environment as well.


Minimum Components of an Online Course
This document outlines the minimal tools within the Blackboard environment that are expected in every online class. Live courses that utilize Blackboard as a supplement are not bound by these expectations.

"Start Here" Document Requirements
In each online class (and advisably, in each class that uses Blackboard) you are required to provide a "Start Here" location on the main page of the class. This link should lead to a document or documents that contain the information that is outlined here.

Minimum Expectations
This document, developed by the Department of Social Sciences, outlines that department's expectations for instructors who are teaching online.

Copyright Law
This document outlines some of the basic regulations and interpretations of law in regard to Copyright and Fair Use. If you have questions about your materials for class and how you are distributing them contact your Department Chair.

Tips for Online Learning
This document represents a list of tips that I provide my STUDENTS when they are new to online learning. It may be a useful tool for you to use in your own class.

Theory and Practice of Online Learning (Athabasca University: Canada's Open University)
This is an extensive analysis of the Theory and Practice of Online Learning...a great resource for new and seasoned teachers alike.