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Working at KVCC: Contracts

Each semester the Chair of each Academic Department put together the schedule of classes. Often the schedule is the same from semester to semester, but sometimes, due to new programs or changes in the needs of the students, the schedule is different.

Some departments rely very heavily on the expertise of part-time faculty or Adjunct Faculty. Adjunct Faculty are hired on a semester-to-semester basis to teach a limited number of courses because we as a college simply cannot afford to keep enought full-time faculty on hand.

Each Adjunct Faculty will receive a contract for each course they are teaching. The contract outlines the specific expectaions of the appointment, the name of the class, location, and pay. The contract is initially generated by the Chair but is sent to the Adjunct Faculty by the Personnel Office.

We have a very small business office staff so please be patient in how long it takes to get the contract out to you.

Concerns about your contract should be addressed to the Department Chair.

click here to see an example contract