In this section you will find information related to Classroom Management

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Basic Prevention Strategies

  • The Role of the Syllabus as Contract
  • Developing Classroom Rules
  • Developing Classroom Etiquette and Expectations
  • Special Considerations for Online Classes

Basic Classroom Management

  • Teachers and Students: A Clash of Cultures
  • The Role of Engagement
  • Classroom Preparation and Materials
  • Risk Factors
    • Seat work
    • Watching movies (and other passive activities)
    • Independent work
    • Group work
    • Work outside the classroom
    • Technology in the classroom (see classroom rules!)
    • Student Disclosure
  • Special Considerations for Online Classes

Response Strategies

  • The Acting Out Student
    • Assessing Risk (student / peers / classroom)
    • Responses in the Classroom
    • Determining "Least Restrictive" intervention
  • One on one sessions
  • Contracting for Behavior Change
  • Special Considerations for Online Classes
  • Getting Help
    • Program Coordinators and Department Chairs
    • 453-5700 Option
    • Dean of Students
    • Academic Standards Committee