m-Learning in Mental Health
Building Technology Skills for the Labor Market

m-Learning in Mental Health Orientation Workshops
November 20-23, 2015


m-Learning Initiative

Your Device

  • Expectations for your Device
    • iPad 2 or later (must have a camera and be able to AirPlay and AirDrop)
    • Memory SHOULD be at 64 GB - otherwise you will need to manage storage)
  • Purchasing your iPad
  • Financing your iPad
    • Credit
    • Financial Aid - Loans (Bookstore is still up in the air)
    • Gifts
  • Special Cases
    • Last Semester in the Program
    • Need to use Financial Aid

Settng up your Device

What this is going to Look Like (mostly)

  • Demonstration
    • Download iTunes U
    • Add two iTunes U courses
      • MHT m-Learning Initiative (click HERE or manually enter EAZ-FEL-BMV)
      • MHT 110: Interviewing and Counseling (click HERE or manually enter ERK-NFY-KRK)
    • MHT 110: Interviewing and Counseling (these are direct links to Lesson Plans)

Post Session Activities

  • Set up Online Services Accounts
  • Tie Dye MHT Shirts