m-Learning in Mental Health
Building Technology Skills for the Labor Market

Selecting your iPad

When it comes to technology, the best advice is to get the "latest and greatest" device you can afford. However, not everyone can do that. We anticipate that students will need to do several things with their iPad that mandate specific recommended configurations.

  • Airplay - Your device must be able to sent it's video and audio through Airplay.
  • Memory - The more memory you have on your device the more books, media, and movies you can store on your device (including the movies and media you are expected to create.

iPad Model Options

This said you need to ensure that your iPad is one of the following:

  • iPad (2nd Generation) or Later
  • iPad Mini (1st Generation) or Later

Click HERE to visit a site produced by Apple that lists the entire history of the iPad product line. Scroll down until you find the iPad (2nd Generation) product...everything ABOVE that product is an option for this program

iPad Memory Options

We recommend that you get an iPad with the maximum amount of memory you can afford (recommended is 32 GB or more). If you choose to get one with only 16 GB of memory you will need to carefully manage your applications and documents using cloud storage. You may also run out of "room" as we begin to add eBooks and other materials.

WIFI only or WIFI and Cellular

You only need WIFI for our purposes but if you purchase an iPad with a Cellular Plan, you will be able to use your iPad outside of range of any WIFI. This is useful for using your iPad on the road (though NOT while you are driving!)

Purchasing your iPad

There are many outlets that you can use to purchase your iPad. This page provides direct links to some of these sources. If these links become outdated, please inform Dr. Mark Kavanaugh and he will update the site.