m-Learning in Mental Health
Building Technology Skills for the Labor Market

Faculty Support

Faculty themselves are selecting the applications for inclusion in their classes and have been asked to develop a strong working knowledge of the apps in order to provide in-class training and support for their use of the app.

Learning Commons and Library

Our Learning Commons and Library staff have been leaders in the use of iPads on an informal and formal basis. They are providing support in terms of lending the iPads out, providing basic technical support on the use of the iPads, and providing promotion and informal training sessions on specific applications.

Help Desk

Our IT Help Desk is aware of the initiative and in the process of defining the scope of their expertise in supporting the iPad initiative.

Peer Tutoring

We are in hope of developing a network of peer tutors who will be available to help other students regarding specific applications and the use of these applications in class. If any of you would like to participate in this we would like to hear from you.


As we specify the applications that will be used across the curriculum and identify those apps that are used frequently (such as iMovie and Keynote) we will be providing drop-in training sessions on these applications.

iTunes and Video Tutorials

Through the use of iTunes U (each class in the program has a supplementary iTunes U class) we are pairing each link to an app with a corresponding training video on the application. Much of the time these training videos are available from the developers. We will be assessing if we need to create our own training videos to support the specific use of the application related to the course.