• I have been teaching at KVCC since 2016
  • Program Manager for the Office of Aging & Disability Services
  • Prio Instructor of Ethical Reasoning for Social Workers
  • Current Supervisor to newly starting conditional Social Workers


  • Masters in Social Work from the University of Maine - Orono - Hutchinson Program
  • Undergraduate in Psychology from the University of Maine - Farmington
  • Graduate of the National Leadership Consortioum on Developmental Disabilities - University of Delaware
  • Recipient of the Gary Smith Scholarship for Public Leaders


  • Abnormal Psychology - Particularly very raare conditions and diagnoses
  • LGBT advocacy and expansion of knowledge
  • Art Therapy
  • Human Sexuality
  • Child Development theory - particularly attachment issues and theory


  • I live in Augusta, Maine with my husband Derek
  • We have two girls named Ainsley and Everly
  • We lived abroad in Australia for over three years and our first daughter was born there and is a dual citizen
  • I knit, create art, and enjoy Reality TV
  • I"m a self-proclained nerd at heart and love all things Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.
  • I have over 18 tatoos and can't wait to get the next one!
  • I love to play games, especially, Candy Crush and similar addictive games


I have always wanted to teach at the higher education level, it still remains a passion of mine and goal to one day teach full time at a university or college. I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to have been given this opportunity to expand my knowledge and growth as a teacher.I feel very strongly that everyone learns in different ways, speeds, and that the way we learn is every changing. I believe that we all are lifelong learners even if not formally being "educated".  I embrace the idea that there are many different ways to take in knowledge and growth.I consider myself very open to suggestions about how to improve upon my style or technique and hope to continue to grow in my own learning and experience from those I teach.