• At KVCC: Online Introduction to Psychology Instructor
  • Other schools where I teach: Ashford University, University of New Mexico, and Florence-Darlington Technical College


  • M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology and B.S. in Psychology, both from Washington State University
  • A.A. from Yakima Valley Community College


  • American Counseling Association
  • Washington State Crime Prevention Association
  • Make a Wish


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  • TBA


I have been teaching online for over 15 years and this point and have come to appreciate this mode of instruction more and more with each passing year. I enjoy working with the non-traditional type of college student who typically takes advantage of distance learning opportunities. These are students who have a lot of responsibilities outside of school work. Perhaps they are working part time or full time in addition to raising a family and trying to take steps to make a better life for themselves and those around them. They are hoping to be role models for those around them and those who both depend and look up to them.

I find these student are very passionate about the subject matter (psychology) and appreciative of the flexibility that learning in an online environment provides. I make use of discussion boards, live lectures (which can be recorded and viewed at a later time by students with busy schedules), and other learning tools which can enrich the learning process for these students.

I also make an effort to require my students to relate real world experiences to course concepts. In doing so I find that this will enable my students to 'see' how this new knowledge is personally meaningful and relevant to their lives. When they can personally relate to the content in their courses then they have truly become a competent and productive learner able to reach their goals and follow their own path to success. Again, I’ve been working in this learning environment for over 15 years and have truly enjoyed the connections made with my students.