• Adjunct Faculty, KVCC
  • Currently Employed at Assistance Plus as a Case Manager/ Daily Living Skills (DLS).


  • Graduated with the Associates in Science in Mental Health from KVCC
  • Currently Full-time student at UMA pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work majoring in Substance Abuse and Recovery.


  • To become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in Substance Abuse and Recovery working with "at risk" teenagers. My hope is to intervene with teenagers and young adults who are at risk for Substance Abuse and Addiction; to make them aware of the specific risks and behaviors associated with Substance Abuse and Addiction. I also have an interest in pursuing a Master's Degree in the future.


I am a single mom with two teenage children, a son who will be seventeen in November and a daughter who will be thirteen in March. I also have a dog named Goliath who is ten years old, he is a Great Pyrenees who weighs in at a mere 150 pounds and he thinks he is a lap dog. In my very limited spare time I enjoy going for manicures and going to the Beach year round, it happens to be the place where I feel at one with my Higher Power and Nature.


I am very excited to be teaching this course at KVCC, particularly because I wish I would have had this class available to take as a student. I returned to school in my mid thirties and was very nervous about taking classes with homework, quizzes, tests, and Mathematics again. I had little to no experience with computers including email, navigating programs, and submitting assignments. I had to figure it out if I wanted to be successful in continuing my education. A class like this would have been a welcomed addition to my schedule.

The value of having a peer teacher to help direct and instruct me on how to do all of the new things I had to learn to be successful. While in attendance at KVCC I managed to make the dean's list four of six semesters and passed 8 of 10 MHT courses with a grade of A or better. I spent many hours volunteering to obtain hours for Service Learning projects that are required in many of the courses you will be taking in this program. I would like for students to think of me not just as your instructor but as your peer and mentor too.

I am here to answer any and all questions that you may have. If I do not know the answer, rest assured that I will find you an answer to the best of my human ability. Please feel free to contact me with all of your questions, concerns, or comments. Student input will be very important in working through our first semester together and for course improvement in the future.