• I have been teaching at KVCC since 2012
  • I have worked in community mental health agencies, schools, homes and in private practice.
  • Professional and clinical focuses are in holistic treatments for children with Autism, ADHD and other neurological based disorders.


  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine
  • I have a dual track Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Therapy from Springfield College.
  •  My Doctorate degree is in Educational Psychology from Capella University. 
  • Trainings obtained, and emphasis of treatment modalities are in: Autism, Applied Nutrition, Holistic Mental Health, Body Detoxification, Homeopathy and, Total Body Analysis (TBA). 
  • I have certifications in: Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism and Aromatherapy.


  • Post-graduate trainings and specialty research areas of interest include: Autism, neurological disorders, child development, learning disabilities, holistic nutrition, toxins, detoxification, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and holistic therapy methods.


My name is Dr. Elizabeth Ward. Currently, I live in Albion Maine with my husband Mathew and our three children Matix, Zoie, and Xavier. My children are involved in many sports so much of my time is spent at sporting events, boy scouts or dance class. I volunteer in their classrooms and drive on field trips. I enjoy running, hiking, biking, camping and learning about holistic wellness. I have run two marathons and will run another one sometime in the future. We spend our summers enjoying Maine and hiking mountains. We are at the beach or a campground as much as possible. In the winter, we build an ice rink at our house. We all enjoy skating and playing family hockey games. When were not skating, we are snowshoeing or snowmobiling. My children and I enjoy making blankets together that we donate to area non-profit organizations and to children in foster care.


It is my teaching philosophy that learning should be an enjoyable process where the leaner feels independent and motivated. As stated by Bruner, “Learning is a process, not a product.” One of the most important parts of education is for a student to learn motivation. Motivation will help students to make achievements despite their weakness’s. Motivation can be taught and is often overlooked in the classroom. Students can be taught motivation through gaining independence, gaining encouragements, and taking part in learning that is enjoyable. When students enjoy the learning process they are motivated by the joy to learn more. Eagerness and joy initiates further motivation. The process of education is an important journey and there is no end for learning. One finished product is a great start and seg-way to a new learning outcome. Learning is a positive process that should never be punitive. I believe a student should work on something until they have mastered the task or information. All students are different, unique and have value to offer in all learning environments. Critical thinking, stepping outside the box and challenging research are extremely important learning outcomes, I hope all students will achieve.