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February 21, 2017 - ITC Meeting Agenda

Present: Kevin Casey, Mark Kavanaugh (Acting Chair), Jim Guillmette, Steve Duren, Barbara Bartley

Agenda Item
Call to Order, Roll Call, Approval of Minutes


Minutes were approved with the possibility to revisit at the next meeting.

Committee Restructure and the future of the ITC


Item was tabled prior to the meeting.
Review of Mission and Purpose

Information and status from the last ITC meeting was reviewed.

Mission and Purpose tie in with the new emerging committee structure.

Item was tabled awaiting additional information from the groups formulating the new committee structure.
Learning Management System

Mark K introduced the vote by Department Chairs to put a halt to the current process of exploring a new LMS.

Kevin C. introduced that due to procurement regulations at the systems level we need to review our use of these systems and re-do a process of competitive bidding.

Kathy E. did not bring this issue to the Leadership Team prior to her departure so the decision by Chairs and how it relates to procurement regulations was not discussed at Leadership.

Steve D., Mark K., and Jim G. all reviewed aspects of the conversation that led to the vote in Department Chairs. These included:

  • Poor timing of consideration of a new LMS and other academic and organizational priorities
  • The fact that we do not yet utilize all the aspects of our current LMS.
  • Change in the LMS, unlike other changes happening on the campus has more risk to impact student learning.

Barbara B. emphatically described various incidents of student difficulties with Bb tools. Frustration is high among some students that she has encountered related to compatibilty with computer systems, plug ins, and operating systems.

Discussion was had about the perceptoin of a "lot" of issues with Bb. There really is no clearinghouse for the number and nature of issues that come up among students.

Discussion was had about various supports that are available to students regarding the technicalities of using Bb. There is a need to identify who these contact persons are.

Kevin C. suggested that we move forward with continued discussion about the LMS.

Mark K. suggested that we first develop on creating a vision for the nature of online tools at KV so that our choices are not so clearly dictated by the software itself.

Kevin C. suggested that in the next meeting we discuss the concept of "Yellow Lighting" the process, rather than "Red Lighting".

No motion was made on the continuance of the process for looking at alternative LMSs.

The committee will revisit this issue when it convenes the next meeting following any insight that may arise when Kathy E. presents the vote of the Chairs to Leadership.

Items on the table may include:

  • Continued dialogue about what we want from an LMS.
  • Continued dialogue about what we want our online programming to look like, be like. (including the possibility of a standard look and organization of all classes in our LMS.)
  • Gathering data about student/faculty frustrations and challenges.
  • A review of what support services are availalbe on the campus.


Space Scheduling Software

Kevin C. introduced that we are exploring a software package that will allow us to more efficiently schedule classroom space. His team has sent out requests for proposals and will be conducting this search for this new software soon.

No specific action at this time.
Bookstore Portal Kevin C. reports that we may be adopting Follett's online ordering system. No specific action at this time.
Document Scanning Kevin C. reported that we are exploring solutions to digitize our mountains of paper documents. No specific action at this time.