Signature Assignments - Fall 2014

General Education Learning Outcome Common Assessments

MHT 104: Community Mental Health

Civic Engagement - Service-Learning Project

MHT 110: Interviewing and Counseling

Ethical Reasoning - To Friend or Not to Friend
Inquiry and Analysis - Counseling Topics Presentation
Interpersonal Communication (ELO Effective Communication) - Casual Interview

MHT 112: Crisis Identification and Intervention

Teamwork (ELO Effective Communication) - Acting on Crisis

MHT 124: Psychsocial Rehabilitation

Information Literacy - Topic of Interest
Lifelong Learning - Program Review
Written Communication (ELO Effective Communication)- Feature Article

MHT 125: The Changing Workplace

Intercultural Knowledge - The Culture of Homelessness

MHT 214: Incest, Sexual Abuse, and Trauma

Quantitative Literacy (ELO Quantiative Reasoning) - Public-Service Announcement Paper
Creative Thinking - Public-Service Announcement Presentation

MHT 216: Mental Health and Aging

Reading - Analysis of a Poem

MHT 218: Substance Abuse Counseling for Special Populations

Critical Thinking (ELO Critical Thinking) - AA and Controlled Drinking

MHT 220: Case Management

Oral Communication (ELO Effectiv Communication) - Article Presentation
Problem Solving (ELO Problem Solving) - Community Outreach Project

MHT 226: Vocational Aspects of Disability

Lifelong Learning - TBA

PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

Quantitative Literacy (ELO Quantitative Reasoning) - Calculating a Correlation
Problem Solving (ELO Problem Solving) - Personal Behavior Management
Information Literacay - Research in Psychology
Civic Engagement - Service-Learning Project

PSY 215: Developmental Psychology

Written Communication (ELO Effective Communication) - Lifespan Biography
Intercultural Knowledge - Cultural Dimensions of Pregnancy
Integrative Learning - Identity Status
Lifelong Learning - Reflections on the Biography

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

Critical Thinking (ELO Critical Thinking) - Local Politics
Ethical Reasoning - Ethics and Religion
Reading - Academic Reading
Civic Engagement - Service-Learning Project