Teaching Online: Universal Design
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there are no icons, it is a chalkboard

I'm not sure if the computer age has actually disabled us to this point yet, but first and foremost we need to be able to design our online classes so the most people can access them....people who may also have various learning and other disabilities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key strategies for maximizing the accessibility of your classroom materials


Universal Design, as applied to online course development can be approached by these 10 simple steps:

  • Develop content first, then design
  • Provide simple, consistent navigation
  • Include an accommodation statement
  • Choose Course Management System tools carefully
  • Model and teach good discussion board etiquette
  • Use color with care
  • Provide accessible document formats
  • Choose fonts carefully
  • Convert presentations (PowerPoint) to accessible HTML
  • “If it is auditory make it visual; if it is visual make it auditory”

Ten Simple Steps Toward Universal Design of Online Courses