m-Learning in Mental Health
Building Technology Skills for the Labor Market


This document has been created to give you an orientation to the m-Learning initiative and the use of the Apple iPad in your Mental Health courses! It is vital that you follow ALL of the steps outlined in this document to get yourself started!

First off let's give you some resources!

Ultimately you can contact Dr. Mark Kavanaugh with questions related to apps and the iPad. He can be emailed at:


PART I - What we have done!

We have updated ALL of the Mental Health courses to include the use of the iPad tools and specific apps. These apps are sometimes used as resources for information while other apps are used for you to complete assignments.

Here is what you will find:

  • A new menu item in the Blackboard class titled "m-Learning" containing:
    • This document
    • An outline of the specific links, tools, and apps (for each lesson) for each class called "m-Learning / iPad Integration Plan"
    • A discussion board for problem solving and questions about the m-Learning initiative.
  • Modified Lesson Plans
    • The actual Lesson Plans in the course have been updated and modified to include instances where we ask you to use your iPad and/or specific apps.
  • iTunes U
    • For each class there is a corresponding iTunes U course where you go to download the apps, required and optional reading materials, and other resources. The link to the iTunes U course for each MHT Class is located in the "m-Learning / iPad Integration Plan" document.

PART II - Getting your iPad Set Up

In order to get started with using your iPad you are going to have to set some things up and get some specific apps for your iPad (if you have not done so already). Make sure you do EACH of the following steps.

I am assuming you have set up your iTunes account.

Step 1 - Download iTunes U

Open the App Store app on your iPad and search for iTunes U. This is a free app. Download this app to your iPad.

You can also click HERE to get the iPad U app.

Step 2 - Download the MHT m-Learning Initiative Course

This iTunes U course corresponds to all the steps in THIS document. It also contains links to generic and often used apps that you may need across many classes.

Click HERE to add this course to your iTunes U app.

Once you have this m-Learning Initiative course in iTunes, open it and click on Posts to see all the entries that correspond to this document!

Step 3 - Orient Yourself to Your iPad

We have included some resources on how to use your iPad. These resources include:

  • iPad Users Guide
  • Tutorials for Your iPad
    • Setting up your iPad
    • Setting up iTunes U
    • Videos about Specific Apps
      • How to set up your KVCC Email on your iPad
    • Textbooks
      • Accessing EBSCO Books
      • Setting up your Adobe Account to Access EBSCO Books

Part III - Online Services Sign Up

In order to accomplish all the tasks you will be asked to do, you are going to have to sign up for some online services.

Step 1 - Sign up for Google

Google is much more than a search engine. Google offers lots of apps and resources that are going to be very useful (and often required) for your coursework.

In this section we have instructions on how to set up the following services:

  • Google Mail
  • Google Drive
  • YouTube (Creating your own YouTube Channel)
  • Vimeo

Step 2 - Sign up for Drop Box

When you are asked to create a document (such as a research paper) you will need to FIRST upload that document to your Drop Box account...then, when you are in Blackboard and you want to submit the document, it gives you the option to access your Drop Box files.

Drop Box has limited storage so this is more of a temporary place to store documents. However, you can sign up for Drop Box Pro and store a lot more...Drop Box Pro comes with 1 TB of storage for $9.99/mo.

Part IV - Specific Apps you Need

You are going to need specific apps in order to access your course materials and to do the work in the class. The following steps outline the decisions you need to make about the apps you will use.

Step 1 - Accessing Blackboard on your iPad

Obviously you are going to need to access your Bb classes on your iPad. Your iPad comes with a program called Safari, which is a web browser. However, there are some known problems with Safari and Bb.

We recommend that you use an alternative browser called Puffin.

Step 2 - The Blackboard App

Blackboard has produced an app that you can use...but it is not very good! None-the-less, we will include it in here because it does seem to be a good way to quickly view the files in your course and to participate in Discussions.

We have not been able to solve one specific problem...you cannot seem to use Messages on an iPad...We are actively looking for solutions to this problem. You are urged to use the Discussion Boards to communicate directly with your Instructor

Step 3 - Productivity and Office Apps

Just as in any course, you will need to produce word processing documents. In addition there are times when you will want to do presentations and even spreadsheets.

No matter what apps you choose, keep in mind that if you are going to upload them to an assignment drop box or send them to your instructor, you need to make sure they are in PDF format.

There are some options for you when it comes to choosing an office suite:

  • Apple - Pages, Keynote, and Numbers
  • Microsoft - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • WPS Office

We have also included a couple apps for scanning documents. You can scan documents with the camera on your iPad, upload them to Drop Box, and then submit them.

  • Scanner Mini
  • Scanner Pro

PLEASE NOTE: KVCC has a deal where you can get Office 365 for FREE! This subscription includes access to PC, Mac, Online, and iPad apps along with 1 TB of Cloud Storage! What a deal!

Step 4 - Book Readers

While we have taken steps to minimize the number of textbooks we are using, we still have some. These are available in eBook format and/or PDF. Two apps that you will need to read these resources are:

  • iBooks
  • Kindle

Part V - General Application Course Resources

In this section you are going to find links to apps and resources to accomplish specific tasks and/or to use in class. These will not be listed as "steps" per se, but it will be important for you to explore them.

In-Class Tools

This section contains apps that you might find useful in your Face-to-Face classes.

  • Socrative Student (taking live quizzes in class)
  • Notability (note taking with tracking, picture, video, and audio recording features)
  • Evernote (not taking and organization)
  • Microsoft OneNote (note taking and organization)
  • Things (to do lists)

Audio and Video Recording

This section is often referred to in your classes when you are asked to do audio or video recordings. Your app options are outlined here.


This section is often referred to in your classes when you are asked to do presentations, with our without audio voice overs. Your app options are outlined here.

Cloud Storage

In this section we outline options for you to store files on the cloud. With limited space on your iPad you may want to subscribe to an online storage space to hold your files.

Keep in mind that you only have to keep the apps you are using on your iPad at any time. The iTunes App store knows what apps you have already purchases so when you are not using an app, just delete it and download it the next time you need it.

HOWEVER, beware that when you delete an app you delete all your files as well. So be sure to back up your files to an online storage space.

Writing Resources

These apps are specific to writing quality and APA format issues


Yes, you have read it correctly. We have a full text version of the DSM-V here for you. It is a large file so download it only when you need it!