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Current Working Documnts

MHT 101: Mental Health Seminar
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September 2015

  • 9/4/15 - 1:1 orientation meetings with Student Instructors for MHT 101
    • Valerie Lambert (1 hour)

August 2015

  • TBA

July 2015

  • 7/23/15 - Completed content and copied iTunes U course for MHT 101 (2 hours)
  • 7/22/15 - Contact with potential Student Mentors and additional work on Bb course development. (1 hour)
    • Course Mentors
      • Kelly Grenier
      • Valerie Lambert
      • Alton Hawk
      • Dorothy Bolduc
      • Kerry Veara
      • Jenna Libby
      • Tia Knowlton-Bickford
  • 7/3/15 - Final version of course published to website. Bb course will be developed next.

March 2015

  • 3/13/15 - Met with Tobby. Reviewed progress on MHT 101 Lesson Plans. Nearly complete. Will work on final edits and materials over the next two weeks.
  • 3/11/15 - Worked closely with Tobby to assist in design of the MHT 101 class...including orientation to Instructional Design and the use of Dreamweaver.
  • 3/11/15 - Worked in the studio to set up lighting and the use of the teleprompter.

February 2015

  • 2/17/15 - Curricullum Committee approved the MHT 101 course.
  • 2/15/15 - Tobby completed his revisions of the MHT 101 course syllabus. Both complete and "generic" syllabi have been developed. The generic version will be submitted to Curriculum Committee for review.
  • 2/14/15 - Worked on FYE course syllabus, now to be titled MHT 101: Introduction to the AAS in Mental Health.
  • 2/8/15 - Tobby completed the evaluation of the data from the Current Student survey and I sent him a template syllabus to work on so that we can submit this course to the Curriculum Committee on 2/17/15. (1 hour)
  • 2/6/15 - Worked with Tobby Bragdon to download data from his Alumni Survey regarding the content of the First Year class he is developing.

January 2015

  • 1/17/15 - Tobby submitted survey questions to me...they have been edited and approved. Tobby will create the survey and submit the link for the Alumni version to the Mental Health facebook site and I will distribute the link for the current students.
  • 1/13/15 - Email meeting with Tobby
    • Use of Google surveys to ask information from MHT alumni through the Mental Health Facebook page.
    • Possible use of KVCC Vivoci software.
    • Tobby will put two sets of questions together (one for alumni, one for current students) and run it by me...we can then decide which survey software to use.
    • I can give Tobby access to Vivoci...I will check with IT related to this.

December 2014

November 2014