Grants - TAACCCT IV - Training Partners
(Including time log for M. Kavanaugh)

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Current Working Documnts

June 2015

  • 6/4/15 - Meeting with Protea Mental Health Agency to discuss partnership in delivering courses in their facility.

April 2015

  • 4/15/15 - Met with Madeline Orange from Riverview following their presentation on careers at the hospital for both nurses and MHRT/Cs. We discussed a possible training partnership to bring credit courses into the hospital's staff development offerings. Later in the day I received an email from Ms. Orange that Jay Harper (Superintendant) and Sue Bundy (Head of Staff Development) would like to meet with me to explore this.
  • 4/10/15 - Met with Brittany Greenleaf from Medical Care Development to look into volunteer opportunities for students here at KVCC. We also discussed KVCC as a training partner with MCD and she said she would forward me the contact information that I needed.
  • 4/7/15 - Met with Rosemary Boudreau from Protea regarding partnering with KVCC for training. We also discussed their involvement with the Case Management curriculum and how they may be able to assist with teaching students about the State APS system. They will be providing a training for the current Case Management class on 4/30/15.