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Current Working Documnts

Working Master Timeline (MS Word)

Technology and Related Purchases

July 2015

  • 7/23/15 - Completed content and copied iTunes U course for MHT 101 (2 hours)
  • 7/23/15 - Contact with Stephanie, worked out the titles of all the Lesson Plans, set up web-based Lessons, and links to Special Assignments and MHRT/C Portfolio assignments. (2 hours - MHT 125)
  • 7/23/15 - Completed content development for iTunes U for MHT 101 (2 hours)
  • 7/22/15 - Contact with potential Student Mentors and additional work on Bb course development. (1 hour)
  • 7/21/15 - Meeting with David Doreau to review process form this point on to complete Lessons, Special Assignments, and MHRT/C Assignments (2 hours - MHT 218)
  • 7/16/15 - Update to Bb materials for MHT 101 (3 hours)
  • 7/15/15 - Prep and participation in TAACCCT IV meeting with 3rd Party Evaluator (3 hours)
  • 7/14/15 - Update to Lesson Plans (1 hour - MHT 218)
  • 7/13/15 - Update to Lesson Plans (2 hours - MHT 218)
  • 7/12/15 - Updated materials for MHT 101 (3 hours)
  • 7/9/15 - Interview with potential Instructional Designer (1 hour)
  • 7/8/15 - Interview with potential Instructional Designer (1 hour)
  • 7/7/15 - Budget meeting for TAACCCT IV (1 hour)
  • 7/7/15 - Work on developing MHRT/C Portfolio Assignments (1 hour - MHT 104)
  • 7/3/15 - Developed core web-based structure for the course and updated MHRT/C Learning Outcome activities. (2 hours - MHT 104)
  • 7/3/15 - Update to lesson plans. (2 hours - MHT 218)
  • 7/3/15 - Paperwork and website update on Course Development (1 hour)
  • 7/1/15 - Interviews with candidates for Coordinator (4 hours)
  • 7/1/15 - Phone call with Apple representatives to discuss initiative. They will be researching a partnership with IBM in order to explore an academic application of their iPad app "Case Advice" as a possible integration into the MHT program.
  • 7/1/15 - Meeting with Michelle Webb to discuss potential grant sources for initial seed money to start the 1:1 iPad Program.

June 2015

  • 6/30/15 - Interview with candidate for Coordinator (2 hours)
  • 6/30/15 - Meeting with David Doreau regarding MHT 218 design (1 hour)
  • 6/24/15 - Interview with candidate for Coordinator (2 hours)
  • 6/24/15 - TAACCCT IV Planning Committee Meeting (1 hour)
  • 6/23/15 - Completed updates to OL syllabus and created Lesson Plan structure on the web. (1 hour - MHT 218)
  • 6/22/15 - Preparation of documents and emails to set up appointments with candidates for Coordinator (2 hours)
  • 6/22/15 - Meeting with Grant Committee to review policies related to ADA compliance, Collective Commons, etc. (1 hour).
  • 6/22/15 - Presentation to Executive Team on the proposal for the 1:1 iPad Program (2 hours).
  • 6/22/15 - Preparation of documentation and emails to candidates for the Coordinator position to set up interviews (2 horus)
  • 6/15/15 - Developed and wrote draft for iPad 1:1 Project Proposal (3 hours).
  • 6/13/15 - Development of revised website for Mental Health Program (3 hours).
  • 6/12/15 - Development of advertising graphics for Mental Health Program (2 hours).
  • 6/12/15 - Put together binders for Hiring Committee and delivered them to members. (2 hours).
  • 6/12/15 - Meeting with Stephen Larochelle to discuss proposal for the 1:1 iPad Project (2 hours).
  • 6/8/15 - Meeting with Joel Goodstadt to orient to iPad and expectations of Content Expert for MHT 104 (1 hour)
  • 6/6/15 - Developing the iTunes U course for Content Experts and Instructional Designers (2 hours).
  • 6/5/15 - Developing preparatory materials for Content Experts and Instructional Designers (2 hours).
  • 6/5/15 - The Apple Watch was delivered to KVCC.
  • 6/4/15 - Meeting with Protea Mental Health Agency to discuss partnership in delivering courses in their facility (2 hours)
  • 6/3/15 - Submitted contracts for David Doreu to be the Content Expert for MHT 218. (1/2 hour)
  • 6/3/15 - Submitted proposal for the 1:1 iPad program in Mental Health to the Executive Leadership Team. (1 hour)
  • 6/2/15 - Met with Jaime Sylvain to discuss her potential role in developing MHT 110 or MHT 220. (1 hour)
  • 6/1/15 - Submitted contracts for Stephanie Parlee and Joel Goodstad to be the Content Expert for MHT 125 and MHT 104 respectively. (1 hour)

May 2015

  • 5/20/15 - Set up studio in new space - Room 222 Averiall (3 hours)
  • 5/18/15 - Meeting with representatives and Apple to discuss iPad 1:1 deployment (2 hours)
  • 5/6/15 - Conference call with Apple to discuss iPad 1:1 deployment. (2 hours)
  • 5/3/15 - Meeting with Kurt Klappenbach regarding grant. (1 hour)

April 2015

  • 4/22/15 - 4/26/15 - Mark Kavanaugh and Stephan LaRochelle attended the iPad Institute at Lynn University in Boca Ratone, FL. (Materials and information will be gathered together and a website created to document what we learned from Lynn in terms of initiating the "Program on an iPad" aspect of TAACCCT IV. (32 hours)
  • 4/21/15 - Reviewed modifies Mental Health curriculum within Curriculum Committee. (Approved documents are posted in the MHT Course Development section) (1 hour)
  • 4/21/15 - Updated and oriented materials for TAACCCT IV Grant Manager Kurt Klappenbach. (1 hour)
  • 4/17/15 - Program Coordinator Position was posted on the KVCC website and announcements went out.
  • 4/15/15 - Met with Madeline Orange from Riverview following their presentation on careers at the hospital for both nurses and MHRT/Cs. We discussed a possible training partnership to bring credit courses into the hospital's staff development offerings. Later in the day I received an email from Ms. Orange that Jay Harper (Superintendant) and Sue Bundy (Head of Staff Development) would like to meet with me to explore this. (1 hour)
  • 4/11/15 - Email from Gail Werrbach that Ms. LaRouche is very interested in pursuing this idea and would like to have a meeting in May or early June. They will contact me about the meeting.
  • 4/10/15 - Met with Brittany Greenleaf from Medical Care Development to look into volunteer opportunities for students here at KVCC. We also discussed KVCC as a training partner with MCD and she said she would forward me the contact information that I needed. (2 hours)
  • 4/8/15 - Met with Gail Werrbach (Chair of Social Work at UM) to discuss articulation, review minor changes in our program, and to discuss the possibility of offering the BSW Program here at KVCC. She was interested and will follow up with a conversation with the Associate Provost for the Division of Lifelong Learning (Monique LaRouche). (4 hours)
  • 4/7/15 - Met with Rosemary Boudreau from Protea regarding partnering with KVCC for training. We also discussed their involvement with the Case Management curriculum and how they may be able to assist with teaching students about the State APS system. They will be providing a training for the current Case Management class on 4/30/15. (2 hours)
  • 4/6/15 - Worked in the studio. Clean up and hung the background curtains. (2 hours)
  • 4/1/15 - Mark K participated in the State-wide initiative to examine the MHRT/C certification standards. (4 hour)

March 2015

  • 3/25/15 - Met with Dr. Jewel Jones and her team and we went through each aspect of the MHT program in regard to transfer to UMF. They will forward the Articulation Agreement to me when it is complete. Specific courses such as Crisis Intervention and Mental Health and Aging are actually Psychology classes and will have to be articlated with the Psychology Department at UMF. (4 hours)
  • 3/13/15 - Met with Tobby. Reviewed progress on MHT 101 Lesson Plans. Nearly complete. Will work on final edits and materials over the next two weeks. (1 hour)
  • 3/13/15 - Prepared individual course pages for each MHT course under development. These pages will identify changes specific to those courses that are being implemented. (1 hour)
  • 3/12/15 - Processed additional orders for supplies for the studio (additional video camera, tripods, rechargable batteries, etc.) (2 hours)
  • 3/11/15 - Worked closely with Tobby to assist in design of the MHT 101 class...including orientation to Instructional Design and the use of Dreamweaver. (3 hours)
  • 3/11/15 - Worked in the studio to set up lighting and the use of the teleprompter. (2 hours)
  • 3/10/15 - Submitted request to attend the iPad Institute at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. It was approved. Stephen Larochelle and I will be attending this Institute April 23-24, 2015.

February 2015

  • 2/17/15 - Presented revised MHT Program at Curricullum Committee - tentatively all approved awaiting minor edits. (2 hours)
  • 2/15/15 - Tobby completed his revisions of the MHT 101 course syllabus. Both complete and "generic" syllabi have been developed. The generic version will be submitted to Curriculum Committee for review. (1 hour)
  • 2/14/15 - Worked on FYE course syllabus, now to be titled MHT 101: Introduction to the AAS in Mental Health.
  • 2/14/15 - Revised ALL program syllabi to reflect both the MHRT/C Learning Outcomes and the Special Assignments for General Education Learning outcomes and the KVCC identified Essential Learning Outcoms. Also created "generic" syllabi for use as a standard syllabus and introduced modified sections to the syllabus for discussion at Curriculum Committee. (2 hours)
  • 2/9/15 - Conducted audio testing to assure that the 12B room in Averill (Alfond Campus) would be sufficient for video/audio recording. (2 hours)
  • 2/8/15 - Tobby completed the evaluation of the data from the Current Student survey and I sent him a template syllabus to work on so that we can submit this course to the Curriculum Committee on 2/17/15. (1 hour)
  • 2/6/15 - Worked with Tobby Bragdon to download data from his Alumni Survey regarding the content of the First Year class he is developing. (1 hour)
  • 2/6/15 - Sent email to Dr. Jewel Jones to set up a meeting to discuss articulating our program with the program at University of Maine at Farmington.
  • 2/6/15 - Sent email to Susan Gordon of Crisis and Counseling to set up meeting to discuss the development of a Crisis Stabilization certificate.
  • 2/4/15 - Received and set up the new video editing iMac, 10 iPads, and other equipment in the studio (2 hours)

January 2015

  • 1/29/15 - Revised the document that Ann sent me to create details for the Program Coordinator position in Mental Health. - 1 hour
  • 1/21/15 - Met with Ann Salisbury and created an initial document to identify job responsibilities for her Clinical Coordinator and my Program Coordinator. - 2 hours
  • 1/17/15 - Tobby and I discussed the questions he is putting together for the survey on the FYE course for both Alumni and current students.
  • Set up meeting with Ann Salisbury for Jan 21 to discuss Job Description for Program Coordinator.
  • 1/17/15 - Documentation, development of time sheets, establishment of GMail accounts, beginning work on Instructional Design Manual - 2 hours
  • 1/13/15 - configure equipment, conversations with Steve Larochelle and Jon Connolly, email dialogue with Toby Bragdon related to surveys to be used to gather information on the FYE class from Alumni (though the Mental Health Facebook site) and current students (through KVCC email) - 2 hours
  • Supplies have been ordered to develop the recording studio
  • Discussion with Aaron Smiley about the use of a different room (current Adjunct Office) for the studio.
  • Discussion regarding the use of iBooks Author as ultimate destination of Lesson Plans in MHT courses.

December 2014

  • Changed goal of having installed cameras in classrooms to a high-def camera on a tripod that can be used in any classroom (more flexible and portable...can be used both in the classroom and in the Instructional Design space.
  • Deleted SPSS Software purchase from timeline (free statistical software alternative PSPP was found)
  • Approval for 150-hour internship with Tobby Bragdon to develop FYE class for Mental Health (Proposed MHT 101).
  • Identified space for Instructional Design at Alfond - Rm B12
    • Great space
    • Two tables, chairs, overhead projector, screen, whiteboard, storage cabinets.

November 2014


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