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This page is created to assist the 3rd Party Evaluator - Updated 7/3/15

General Navigation

  • The links at the top of the page are to individual information pages and timelines on each of the initiatives associated with the Mental Health portion of this grant.
  • The "TAACCCT Home" summarizes all of the activity in the grant and my own time (Mark Kavanaugh)

Outcomes Assessment

There are numerous outcomes associated with this program:

Current Initiatives

Most of the current work is focusing on the following areas:

  • MHT 101 Course Development
    • Curriculum for MHT 101
    • Course will be facilitated by current advanced students and alumni
    • Course will be piloted this summer by the facilitators.
    • New students in Fall 2015 are required to take this class.
  • MHT Course Development
  • Program Marketing
    • Initial Marketing Plans include the following initiatives:
      • Target new students through advertising (We are currently set to take pictures, interview, video alumni about the program after the 4th of July)
      • Target agency employees statewide relating to opportunities to get training online.
      • Partner with agencies statewide to suppor their in-house training programs.
  • Program Coordinator
    • As of July 1 all the candidates have been interviewed.
    • The committee will be submitting two names to Dr. Jon Connolly for a final review/decision.
  • iPad 1:1 Initiative
    • At this point the iPad Initiative is being spearheaded on two fronts:
      • Planning and coordination with Executive Leadership and Apple to initiate the 1:1 iPad Program in Spring 2016
      • Development of instructional materials in the revised courses to leverage this technology.