Building Technology Skills for the Labor Market

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Framework : Mission and Vision

"Framwork for Success"


Initial Thoughts

  • 9/25/15 - Brainstorming on Mission and Values with Stephen Larochelle, Wendy St. Pierre, and Mark Kavanaugh
    • Mission - The mission of the "Building Technology skills for the Labor Market" initiative is to prepare students to enter a workplace that is rapidly incorporating mobile technology into its workflow. By utilizing emerging mobile solutions to engage students in the classroom we will better prepare them for the adaptive skills they will need to embrace any number of technologies.
    • Vision - The vision of the "Buidling Technology Skills for the Labor Market" initiative is to deliver all digital course materials in a way that leverages the power, opportunities, and portability of mobile technology. Mobile device apps will be used both for classroom activities and to produce learning artifacts that demonstrate identifiable learning outcomes and provide a record of accomplishment for the student.