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Framework : Financing and Funding

"Framwork for Success"


September 2015

  • 9/25/15 - Brainstorming for Financing and Funding with Stephen Larochelle, Wendy St. Pierre, and Mark Kavanaugh
  • 9/25/15 - Current status of funding for the project.
    • Students will be provided with a "minimum requirements list"...this is centered on the iPad must have a camera and should have AirDrop and AirPlay.
    • Students can purchase their own iPads
    • Students can have their iPads examined to ensure that they meet the requirements
    • Students on Financial Aid - would we consider not having required material for the first 3 weeks (until reimbursement checks come out)
    • Could the bookstore carry iTunes Gift Cards or Apple Store Cards...can these be bought by Financial Aid? (Wendy St. Pierre will follow up with the Bookstore and with Ann Connors)
    • Need to communicate these new perspectives to Jon Connolly and to Michelle Webb (Mark Kavanaugh) ***
    • Michelle Webb to explore alternative uses of the funds we may receive through grants