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Framework : Measuring Success

"Framwork for Success"


September 2015

  • 9/25/15 - Brainstorm on Measuring Success with Stephen Larochelle, Wendy St. Pierre, and Mark Kavanaugh
  • Various Measures
    • Assess complete implementaton of the initiative by determining that every current student has an iPad
    • Develop an infrastructure for iPad Questons/Issues
    • Completion of Course-specific App Selection
      • All MHT Instructors/Adjucts selected apps for integration into their courses
      • Clarify a list of "standard apps" that will be required in many or all classes
      • Identify the "complexity" of the app and training/orientation mateirals
      • Syllabi updates to include apps?
      • Follow up at the end of the semester to assess app utilizaiton and success
        • Measures of Technology Acceptance
        • Measures of Engagement (student perspective)
        • Measures of Androgogical Utility and/or Success/Failure (instructor perspective)
      • Assess continued use of app - goal is to establish standard apps
    • Assess strategies connected to outcomes - Assignments - Rubrics
    • Develop a plan for smooth interface between Blackboard and iPad
      • Confirm the best best for accessing Blackboard on an iPad (Puffin or Puffin Pro)
      • Alternative LMS
        • Pilot - Implement - Assess Outcomes
    • Integration of iPad into "Special Assignments"
      • Review all Special Assignments and assess expectations for iPad apps
      • Current rubrics for special assignments will be base line (non-iPad group)
      • Next semester we will have altered assignments, but similar rubrics (Identify similar elements of each rubric...these will be the comparison items.)
    • Changes to Faculty and Student Engagement
      • Gather research on technology and engagement
      • Goal is to increase Faculty engagement
      • Goal is to increase Student engagement (consider measures such as Sense of Community...we would need to baseline this now)
      • Did course encourage additional engagement? (quantitive vs qualitative)
      • What about Faculty?
      • Survey each student on each app that they use (Teachnology Acceptance - Ease of Use and Usefullness of Technology)
    • Tech Support
      • Track the time spent teaching how to use iPad and apps in classroom
      • Track the time spent teaching how to use iPad and apps in technical support
      • Track time spent providing training sessions and workshops (students and faculty)